Feeding systems

Feed systems from 50 mm – 2.200 mm width

ITB-NC precision roll feeders. High dynamic feeders, free programmable for the use in combination with all kinds of machines, such as; presses, high speed presses, profile lines, punching lines etc.
By using the optimal combination between the AC-servo drive and control system we can grant a high precision and repeating quality. Our NC controlled feeders have synchronic driven rolls. The upper transport roll is forced pneumatic or hydraulic depending on the material dimensions.

Roll feeders can be delivered till 2.200 mm width. With different options and models to choose from it will certainly suits your production demands.

Pneumatic feeders

These pneumatic precision feeders are easy and quick to adjust to the required feed length.
Pneumatic damping and high clamping power of the jaws assure a precise feed tolerance.

Download brochure ANM pneumatic feeders: feeders ITB (pdf)
Download brochure Herrblitz pneumatic feeders: Herrblitz (pdf)

01_Rollen aanvoer ERA200

Roll feeder ERA200

02_Rollen aanvoer ERA200

Roll feeder ERA200


Roll feeder ERA400-DKS1


Roll feeder ERA400


Roll feeder 350-80


Roll feeder ERA250-CTA1


ITB Rollenaanvoer 500-80 proton

06_zani rollenaanvoer

ITB feeder - Zani press

07_Rollen aanvoer ERA350

Roll feeder ERA350

08_Rollen aanvoer ERA300

ITB roll feeder ERA300


ITB feeder - Mabu Press

10_Aanvoer richtmachine combinatie

ITB feed-straightening combi

11_Aanvoer richtmachine 400 x 12mm.

ITB coilline 400 x 12mm.

12_Rollen aanvoer ERA2000

ITB roll feeder ERA2000

13_Rollen aanvoer ERA400 (2)

Roll feeder ERA400 (2)

14_Aandrijf unit AND

Feed unit AND

15_Rollen aanvoer ERA 420 HS

Roll feeder ERA 420 HS

16_Pneumatisch aanvoer-unitv +vbandrichtset

Pneumatic feeder+straightening

17_Pneumatisch aanvoer-unit met geleidingen

Pneumatic feeder DGN

18_Pneumatisch aanvoer-unit met speciaal geleiding

Pneumatic feeder spec.guiding

19_Pneumatisch bandaanvoer unit HB 50

Pneumatic feeder A50

20_Pneumatisch bandaanvoer-unit met dunbandgeleiding

Pneumatic feeder GNR


Pneumatic feeders

22_Pneumatische aanvoerapparaten

AN pneumatic feeders


GPA-duo feedsystem