Company profile


Since 1979 ITB is specialised in the delivery of presses and press automation systems to the industry. With our machines accessories are produced for a variety of industries amongst which the automotive- and electronic industries. Also for the production of parts in the construction-synthetics-and electric domestic industries our systems are used frequently. Our customer base is very diversified as are our products and services.

Custom made/production

ITB collaborates with several renominated suppliers, all selected for quality, service and reliability. We also have at our disposal an own production unit through our German subsidiary company AMT Anlagen und Maschinen Technik GmbH where machines are developed with the most modern 3D-CAD auto desk inventor systems. There we construct and manufacture coil-reels, straighteners, feeding-systems, axles and specialty machines. ITB offers for each production process a custom made solution.


Your production planning depends on the reliability of your equipment. ITB offer secure operational solutions as thanks to the enormous variety of our customer base all our clients have the same demand: continuity in the production process.

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